Needs and Wants

The Unit of inquiry in the 3rd bimester was “How the World Works”. Our second graders became the smallest economists by investigating and articulating what their needs and wants are. In order to do this, they begin by looking up different goods to decide if it was a need or a want. Next, the students created a concept map of their ideas, categorized their needs and wants, and determined the importance of these choices in their lives.

They were excellent critical thinkers at deciding between different goods and where they belonged. For example, one of the discussions was about “money”. Some thought it was a “need” but others thought it was a “want”. Their arguments were that with some money you can meet your needs, but too much money is a want. What do you think? Their thinking was very interesting, wasn’t it?

Let’s think… try and categorize some goods like hot-dogs, hamburgers, a house for the weekends, etc. Look for us and let us know your opinions.

Second Graders working with Ms. Fanny Rosenthal.

Fanny3 Fanny 2


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