Dream Green

Dare to Dream Green!

What a fantastic way to end a long day’s work! Our last Professional Development training had by far a totally different purpose. It all started when we all had to walk to the top of the last floor on the High School building. Many of us had no idea that place existed so the excitement started to grow in each of us as we approached it. Soon we were greeted by a fantastic group of mentors, two High School students, the School Hebrew coordinator, and a science teacher. At this point, we were still clueless of what we were going to be asked to do.

Immediately, Isaac Sitt Charabati, introduced us to two High School students who shared with us their dream to make a difference at school. First, they want to transform a quite unnoticeable roof into a garden close to the sky. Second, their wish is not just to beautify it, but to use recyclable materials such as the remains of wood craters and tons of plants. The product of some of these plants will be sold to the canteen so the revenues will help pay part of the cost of the investment.

So far, these two youngsters have already began to organize the space and they have done so during their spare time.

Surprisingly to many of us, we were asked to play rock, paper scissors in order to organize ourselves in teams. There was laughter, giggles, cheering, and a warm feeling of comradeship. After all, we were being asked to play and enjoy time together on a freezing Tuesday afternoon. The call was for all hands to get on task to help make a grass bed that will be used by students and teachers at our school to connect to nature. We are not kidding you! The green grass bed is one of the many creative ideas these two friends have planned to add to the first ecological school around the neighborhood.

Without delay all teachers began to plan, design, carry craters, remove nails, hammer nails, and drill holes on wood. Though we advanced little in the student assigned project, we learned that we were there not only to support two of our High Schoolers accomplish their dream of purifying the environment surrounding the school, but also to enjoy the opportunity to interact in a different way.

Hopefully everyone will benefit in the long run from the eco-project both High Schoolers have envisioned, and it is up to us all, to give them, the future generation, our time, expertise, and words of wisdom for such a valuable gift; an ode to nature in this highly technological world.

Sandra Campos

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