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VII Maguen MUN 2016

On May 24th the VII Maguen MUN took place at Colegio Hebreo Maguen David. The opening ceremony started at 8:00 o’clock with everyone excited to get the day started. Students moved nervously in their sits inside the Saba Auditorium, while they waited expectantly for it to begin. The music started to play and the chief of staff Isaac Dichi together with the undersecretary, Carlos Zaga walked down the isle to the booths on stage.

The delegates were anxious to start. The Secretary General Salomon Edid began giving a motivating openingMUNMAG_3273 speech. After he finished, the guest speaker Monica Vázquez from the Coordition’s Office of the United Nations in Mexico addressed the avid audience. She explained the new Sustainable Development Goals, which they are to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice; fix climate change, among others.



MUNMAG_3288The Global Goals are important, world-changing objectives that will require cooperation among governments, international organizations and world leaders. She said to the students It may seem impossible that the average person can make an impact. And asked the students not to give up that the change starts with them. Every human on earth is part of the solution.

Once her motivational speech was over, a wonderful video was played for the audience where global issues were highlighted. Education was the main topic portrayed during the presentation. This video was edited and produced by the students involved in the opening ceremony, with the help of Foro TV.

The audience was deeply moved by the testimony of their peers.

The best part of the day began. Students were guided to their committees where eager moderators and chairs were waiting for them. All their previous training and hard work was about to flourish and give way to a once in a lifetime experience. The whole month of researching, writing position papers, learning about the UN, NGO’s and protocol was challenging.

                                                      The whole environment was prepared for an immersion into de world of debate and global issues. During tMUNMAG_3404he previous week podcasts recorded by moderators were played during recess. These podcasts were news about the global issues related to the topics to be debated. There were also informative screens in the classrooms played during two week previous to the event. These screens were also design by the students and polished by the media department. As well, there was streaming video being projected in the C4 so parents, Secretaries and school community could monitor what was going on.

The moments of crisis and conflict, of negotiation and leadership of moderators and delegates, were the moments that made a difference in our students’ lives. Sitting in a classroom striking a secret deal and facing their fear of speaking. Maguen MUN has made the students more confident in the classroom, and has helped them over all self-esteem.

Finally the moment of truth, the winners were decided using and electronic rubric where the moderators and teachers graded the students’ performance. The design department printed the diplomas and the media department did a video with the most relevant moments of the day. Awards were given, an emotional speech heard and a sense of accomplishment was in the air, when the Secretary General declared the VII Maguen MUN officially closed.

Another successful Maguen MUN where every student rose to the occasion and gave the best of themselves.

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